Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clifford's Birthday

 The CLIFFORD & Friends Unit is one of my favorites.
The major emphasis of this unit is "friendly letters". The unit kicks off when a HUGE envelope and letter arrive at school. The children are elated to find out that CLIFFORD, the BIG, RED DOG has written to them asking for them to be PEN PALS. The children are elated and quickly write a letter back to Clifford in which we "mail" from school. A few days later, another letter from Clifford arrives, but this time, it comes by way of the US Postal Service to their home. 
Since Clifford's birthday is on Valentine's Day, it only seems natural to celebrate both holidays together. After all, Valentine's Day is the biggest card writing day of the year AND it is FULL of RED. The kinders dress up like little puppies and enjoy a snack of "PUPPY CHOW" that they have to eat without using their paws.