Monday, March 17, 2014


We started the month off with a mysterious beanstalk sprouting in the middle of our classroom. I have a REALLY hard time just reading the traditional version of Jack and the Beanstalk, because Jack gets away with being lazy and stealing, so....I use the pictures in the book, Look Out, Jack! The Giant Is Back!, to tell a different version.


In my version, the giant gets his golden treasures back and the children discover that the only reason the giant seems so grumpy is because he is in desperate need of a pedicure. The children problem solve ways for the giant to take care of his ENORMOUS feet and then they send him a letter of suggestions.

The giant is so grateful that he sneaks down the beanstalk at night and leaves the children some magic beans and a golden egg, along with evidence of TWO POWDERED FOOTPRINTS. The children make predictions of what the beans will sprout, and the day that they do...they hear a MYSTERIOUS STOMPING on the roof of the school ( Shhhh....Thanks, Janitor Jim!).

As soon as the giant returns to his castle in the clouds, our classroom was invaded by tiny little green footprints and lots of MESSES! Every day that we came in, there was more evidence of mischief. Soon, the children decided that enough was enough.  They made a plan to catch the leprechauns with traps.
The KinderCuties learned all about engineering during our science time and then drew their own blueprints for Leprechaun Traps. They took their blueprints home and built traps to bring to school. It took some work, but they finally caught their leprechauns who paid for their freedom with GOLD CANDY. The whole unit is filled with excitement and great problem solving activities.

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