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Kindergarten Survivor Tribes

Tribe Challenges
Each day the children earn points for working collaboratively to complete tasks that focus around reading, writing and math.
The tribe with the most points at the end of the week, earns "Clean Up Immunity" for the day.
Rainforest Research Reports

The KinderCuties were asked to research a rainforest animal of their choosing at home with their family. Then, their information was published and they illustrated it. The final step was to present their information to their peers.

Labeling the 4 Layers of the Rainforest & Postcards from the Jungle


Evaporation Experiment

Precipitation Experiment


Jungle Shakers

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Rainforest Math and Literacy Fun
Rainforest Math and Literacy Fun by Melissa Freshwater

Fun at the Zoo! Math and Literacy Activities
Fun at the Zoo by Growing Kinders

Addition and Subtraction: Common Core Kindergarten Math- Unit 4
Wild About Addition and Subtraction by Kindergarten Squared

Monkey Memory (Math Concentration Game) 
Monkey Memory by Andrea Knight
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