Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"SCENTSY" Science

Often times, my best teaching ideas come from my students. Today I introduced some new science labs for my sweeties. One of the new labs was called Sink or Float. As I was scrambling to find items last night to put in the labs, I grabbed a couple of my Scentsy candle wax cubes from out of my desk drawer and stuck them in, thinking "Hey, they float... so why not?" Besides, I had a TON of them since I am always warming them in class. Little did I know what a stir they would create the next day.

Shortly after my morning KinderCuties got all situated in their labs, I noticed one of my little cuties in the Sink or Float Lab, savoring the smells from the Scentsy cubes. He literally was melting as he delighted in the different fragrances (left side photo).  Conducting experiments with the water, which is usually a HUGE HIT with KinderCuties, had no magic for him, but those scented bars? Well, he was OVER THE MOON for them. He was describing the smells in this lab notebook and talking endlessly about how each smell reminded him of a past experience. Soon, he wanted I opened up my desk drawer and revealed my stash and he went CRAZY.

Once I saw what a hit the Scentsy wax cubes were and how much they motivated this little sweetie, I KNEW I needed to make a Scentsy LAB. By the time the afternoon class got here, my sweet little college helper, Miss Jordan, had the new labs ready for the afternoon cuties (right side photos).

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