Sunday, March 17, 2013

YEAH!!!!! My BLOG is READY!!!

I feel like a little girl at Christmas. I have been wanting to have a BLOG to share with my KinderCuties and my college students for such a long time, but finding the time to get it all designed and organized was  IMPOSSIBLE!  That is, until SHANNON'S ANGELS came along.

The first angel to help in this process was my friend, Kristi. Kristi helped me organize my thoughts and channel my enthusiasm. Mind you, this is no small feat, but Kristi is a patient and faithful visionary genius. She talked me through all of my ideas and kept me focused.

The next angel to help was Melanie at Melonheadz Illustrating. Melanie designed the CUSTOM CLIPART of my kinders and me. The kinder clip art is PERFECT! Melanie used photos of my actual KinderCuties dressed up during some of their favorite thematic units. The details are AMAZING!

The third and final angel to come to my rescue was Erika from The Honey Bunch. Erika worked her magic and put it all together. She took my love of doodles, squiggles, black & white polka dots and Disney, and made it all come to life. I couldn't be more excited about how it all turned out!

 I am so grateful to all three angels and the time, love and energy they each put into helping me make this BLOG come to life!  Thanks, angels!